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Holy Frap! Yes, You Can Actually Win Free Starbucks For Life

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Soon, 14 people in the world will win free Starbucks for life.

The coffee behemoth is giving away what it refers to as Ultimate Starbucks Cards made of 10K hammered gold.

The card’s retail value is $5,000, but could be worth up to $54,000 if used to its full potential.

The cards allow users to receive one free beverage or one free food item a day at participating stores.

However, the deal isn’t necessarily for life, as it really only lasts for the next 30 years (assuming Starbucks is still in business then).

If you use a normal Starbucks gift card or the Starbucks app before January 5, you will be entered to win the Ultimate Starbucks Card.

Only 10 customers in the United States will be awarded the card, as will three in Canada and one in the UK.

According to Sharon Rothstein, Starbucks’ executive vice president and global chief marketing officer,

This is the first time we have ever offered customers something of this magnitude and what better way than to anchor it with our renowned Starbucks Card program.

So, what are you waiting for? Go buy some Starbucks for a chance to win. It could change your life.

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