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How BuzzFeed Are You Actually?

  1. Check all that you agree with.

    1. 1
      I literally can’t function without coffee in the morning.

    2. 2
      I’m currently dreaming of the weekend.

    3. 3
      Beyoncé for president of the planet.

    4. 4
      My mom’s on Facebook, and it used to be annoying, but now it’s actually funny lol Mom.

    5. 5
      I’m so single it hurts.

    6. 6
      Babies are just sacks of Play-Doh covered in skin.

    7. 7
      I’m not a girl, not yet a woman.

    8. 8
      Every day I strive to go viral.

    9. 9
      I share everything with my best friends.

    10. 10
      I’ll totes be sharing this with my best friends.

    11. 11
      Love is love.

    12. 12
      I wouldn’t be mad if it rained cats and dogs.

    13. 13
      I often wonder if time gets tired of flying.

    14. 14
      Babies are so bipolar.

    15. 15
      I wake up with strange objects in my bag on occasion and not sure how they get there.

    16. 16
      I could use a nap right now.

    17. 17
      Sloths are cool.

    18. 18
      I love Instagram so much.

    19. 19
      Froyo is my middle name.

    20. 20
      I find myself distracting.

    21. 21
      I love to laugh.

    22. 22
      I love to take quizzes.

    23. 23
      I am a twentysomething just tryin’ to get my shit together one day at a time.

    24. 24
      I could actually live off pizza for the rest of my life.

    25. 25
      I know the muffin man. So.

    26. 26
      Babies are so dumb they can’t even do basic math.

    27. 27
      Life is so weird and crazy.

    28. 28
      I could use another iced coffee right now.

    29. 29
      Sometimes I run, sometimes I hide.

    30. 30
      I’m so happy it’s fall and pumpkin spice is in my body.

    31. 31
      I follow Twitter to keep up with global trends.

    32. 32
      I’m counting down the days until the new Hilary Duff album is released.

    33. 33
      I have many strong feels when it comes to ’90s nostalgia.

    34. 34
      Anytime someone presses an elevator button that’s already lit up, they should get an electric shock.

    35. 35
      The only thing that makes cleaning fun is wine.

    36. 36
      Burritos are the reason I wake up in the morning.

    37. 37
      I think Tom’s Toothpaste is just glorified clay.

    38. 38
      Dunkin’ Donuts gives me life.

    39. 39
      I’m a slave 4 u.

    40. 40
      I am BuzzFeed, and BuzzFeed is me.

How BuzzFeed Are You Actually?

  1. You’re not BuzzFeed because I am BuzzFeed, duh. You’re a baby BuzzFeed! Welcome to the Earth. LOL

    Getty Images / Bertrand Rindoff Petroff / Contributor

  2. You’re not BuzzFeed because I am BuzzFeed, duh. You’re a tween BuzzFeed! Are you excited for homecoming? LOL

    Getty Images / Paul Archuleta / Contributor

  3. You’re not BuzzFeed because I am BuzzFeed, duh. You’re a BuzzFeed college student! Drop everything and read. LOL

    Getty Images / Alo Ceballos / Contributor

  4. OMG! WTF! You are BuzzFeed?! But I thought I was BuzzFeed? Now I’m confused. Who are you? WHAT AM I?! Do you wanna grab a drink sometime soon? LOL


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