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How John Mayer Has Implanted Himself In The Hearts Of Our Generation

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With all the gossip about John Mayer being a complete assh*le and a womanizer, it can be hard to publicly Spotify him on a regular basis. Why would I want to support a man who is in the tabloids for being the complete opposite of the sweet, caring person he sings himself to be?

But the truth of the matter is that when I hear his music, I don’t think of “John Mayer the douchebag.” I think of “John Mayer the possible love of my life.”

How could my opinion of him change so quickly? His music is just that freaking good.

Here is a list of his songs that will change your opinion of Mayer and your life, too. Cheers to turning 37 today, John Mayer. You may be a flirt, but please don’t ever stop making music.

“Free Fallin’”

His remake of Tom Petty’s “Free Fallin’” on the album, Where the Light Is: John Mayer Live at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles, is pure genius.

After a hard day at work or a fight with your boyfriend, all you will have to do is turn up the volume in your car while this song is playing. You will feel like Mayer himself is serenading you, singing, “It’ll be okay. Let’s just leave this world and get away for a while.”

You will feel like your hard day just got a little bit easier.

“Your Body Is A Wonderland”

Mayer channels his seductive side on this clever song from the album, Room for Squares. He sings about exploring a woman’s body and being amazed by it.

The song makes you hope, with its fantastical, airy feel, that a man will feel that way about you someday. He captures the beauty of laying with someone and being transfixed by her being.

Turn this song on with your loved one, or just turn it on for yourself. Mayer makes every woman feel like her “body is a wonderland.”

“Heartbreak Warfare”

This song epitomizes the pain of fighting in a relationship that you are struggling to make survive. You can practically feel the silent bombs being thrown back and forth that intend to hurt the other person but only make things worse.

“If you want more love, why don’t you say so?” he sings in this mesmerizing song from the album, Battle Studies. Mayer simplifies whatever fight you are having with your boyfriend or girlfriend by telling us that no matter what, we all want the same thing.

All we need is love … why don’t we just just ask for it?

“Waiting on the World to Change”

If you know who John Mayer is, you know this song. From the album, Continuum, “Waiting on the World to Change” made the human race think about what we were doing to our planet.

Mayer calls out humanity’s blatant destruction of our home, channeling both aspects of human-to-Earth destruction, as well as human-to-human destruction. All we are doing is hurting one another and our environment and waiting for someone to fix it.

Mayer reminds us that if we are doing the damage, we can stop it, too.


Have you ever wanted to say something so badly, but you just don’t have the guts to say it? This song from Continuum will give you the moxie to finally do it.

Once again, Mayer acts as a relationship therapist for us all. He sings to us that you cannot let things go unsaid in a relationship (or any other situation). You have to say things “with a heart wide open.”

I would argue that thanks to the release of this song, people everywhere started to communicate with a little less fear and a little more honesty.

“Dreaming with a Broken Heart”

We all know the feeling when you just can’t get out of bed; there is nothing that will make you feel okay. You think nothing will get better because an incredible person you loved with everything you had is gone.

Mayer offers his sympathy in the song, “Dreaming with a Broken Heart.” The track from Continuum may not cure your broken heart, but it will make you feel a little less alone while you are crying under your sheets. Mayer and his guitar are here for you.


You don’t have to be close with your father to appreciate this song from the album, Heavier Things. “Daughters” is an instruction book in itself for how everyone wants his or her family to be, and it outlines the damages a broken family can have on a child.

Girls will love their men based on how their fathers loved them, and how their mothers treated them, as well. It makes you vow to never have a broken family, or at least to find someone who will never leave.

Mayer sings about how we all need to start loving each other a little more. How we love has a stronger affect on our overall happiness and wellbeing than we may think.

“No Such Thing”

If you’ve never heard John Mayer, this song would be a great first listen. From Room for Squares, Mayer explains the complexities of our generation.

We want to have fun and do something we are passionate about, but the generations before us have told us we can’t. “No Such Thing” makes listeners want to run down their high school hallways, screaming,

I just found out there’s no such thing as a real world … just a lie we’ve got to rise above.

This song is the voice of Gen-Y.

John Mayer might not be the perfect man we want him to be, but that is what makes his music so incredible. His flaws translate into his music, making his sound refreshingly honest. We need as much honesty as we can get in this world, and John Mayer will give it to us for free.

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