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How To Remake Your Life To Look Like “Moonrise Kingdom”

2. A lighthouse.

Here are some instructions on how to buy a lighthouse.

3. A portable record player.

Left: $25 from etsy. Right: $25 from etsy.

4. Vintage cape coat.

Sigh, it’s almost impossible to find a vintage coat like the dusty pink one that Suzy is wearing. May as well make it yourself from this 1960s Vogue pattern.

7. A royal blue coat.

So you, too, can look like an evil social worker.

Left: $395 from etsy. Right: $65 from etsy.

8. Madras plaid golf pants.

Who doesn’t want Bill Murray’s Spring 1972 resort look??

$10 from etsy.

10. Sailboat curtains.

You’ll have to periodically scour eBay and etsy for vintage fabric.

Left: $24 curtain from etsy. Right: $19.95 for upholstery fabric.

11. Round crocheted rug.

Round crocheted rug.

View this image ›

Left: €180,00 from etsy. Right: $319 from etsy.

12. Collared mod dress.

Left: €71.97 from Modekungen. Right: $16.85 from eBay.

14. A plaid lunchbox.

16. Deer painting.

$195 from etsy. Note: I wouldn’t spend more than $5.

17. A gazebo.

These gazebos are from Gazebo Emporium. “Pricing may vary.” They probably cost like a hundred thousand dollars. I don’t know, it’s been a while since I last looked into gazebo pricing. Hope you have a backyard!!

18. Francoise Hardy record.

Francoise Hardy record, found from eBay.

20. Boy scout badges.

This 10-piece lot is only $10 from etsy.

22. Basket purse.

The kind that’s open on top so you can put your cat in it.

$59 from etsy..

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