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Iconic movie sets that were miniature models [11 pictures]

Many epic movie scenes use miniature sets and film it so it all looks life-size. It’s simpler than only relying on CGI…and it’s simpler than actually building Hogwarts Castle or Gotham City, too.

Here are just a few examples…

Harry Potter, Hogwarts Castle

miniatures for movies - 03

Hogwarts Model

Lord of the Rings, Rivendell

miniatures for movies - 09

Lord of the Rings, Barad-Dûr

miniatures for movies - 01

A Night to Remember, 1958 (Titanic miniature)

miniatures for movies - 02


miniatures for movies - 04

Superman Returns, Metropolis

miniatures for movies - 05

Alien, The Nostromo

miniatures for movies - 10

Batman, Gotham City

miniatures for movies - 06


miniatures for movies - 07

Lord of the Rings, Minas Tirith

miniatures for movies - 08


The actors inside famous costumes: Chewbacca, Big Bird, Godzilla, and more

Behind-the-scenes photos from old Japanese monster movies

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One response to “Iconic movie sets that were miniature models [11 pictures]”

  1. Sharaz Destler says:

    The end battle of “The War of the Worlds 1953″ was all models too. It still holds up to this day.Also, in the same category as the “Nostromo,” there’s the Time Lord Space Station from the “Doctor Who” “Trial of a Time Lord” season. It was Classic Who’s *only* motion-control effects sequence, and it’s still a beautiful scene to this day.