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If Facebook movies were more honest, they’d look like this

Tripp and Tyler, who most recently entertained us with conference calls in real life, have a fantastic new video poking fun at…well, all things Facebook…

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10 responses to “If Facebook movies were more honest, they’d look like this”

  1. Em311 says:

    Two many ads on this page to see the video. One ad showed up in video and another ad on the side plays automatically. Ok, it was only covering up the music, but it was annoying and distracting.

  2. Ray says:

    That’s a very funny video! Liked it very much! BTW- who cares if someone spelled triscuit wrong? Such knit pickers here.

  3. *facepalm* says:

    …….perhaps reading the title of the video will help you out there#sigh

  4. Linda Macchia says:

    brilliant! So funny because it’s so true.

  5. pasha says:

    Facebook starts to remand me of soviet Russia. People spent great deal of time discussing how much the place sucks. Only difference is it took great deal of effort to have left soviet Russia. you need just a click to leave fb. But i noticed over the years those who complain the most are the once who never leave. It did change my political views as well as help me learn stuff, came to event I have enjoyed. And i never felt it occupy more of my time then it should. So maybe int’s not Facebook you are frustrated over.

  6. bob says:

    Rick Grimes is the actor

  7. Julia S says:

    Hilarious and so true. Loved it!

  8. Kristen Billings says:

    The word is “recurring”, not “reoccuring”. Just FYI.

  9. Stephanie says:

    Very clever…gave me a good laugh to start my day off.