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If You Pass Out Drunk At An Art School Party, People Will Draw Masterpieces On You (Photo)

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If you fall asleep too early at a raucous party, someone will draw on you. It’s a fact of life.

If you go to art school, it may happen with watercolors or pastels instead of permanent marker. An image of a sleeping partier posted to Reddit shows the best part of art school: high-quality drunken body scribbles.

This student will wake up with what’s practically a professional tattoo drawn on his stomach. That’s so much better than having the word “assh*le” scrawled across his forehead.

Do art students always bring their supplies to parties just in case? What about palettes? When the first person passes out, do they must just whip out a beret and some tubes of oil paint?

This is a drunk drawing to make the Post-Impressionists proud. Instead of hiding that semi-permanent drawing beneath your shirt, show the world what Van Gogh looks like drawn on a beer belly.


via Reddit, Photo Courtesy: Imgur

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