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In The Face Of Evil, This 6 Year Old Became An Angel. But He Paid The Ultimate Price For It.

Jesse Lewis is a 6-year-old boy you will never forget. He was a student during the Sandy Hook elementary massacre that left 26 people dead, mostly children. Sadly, one of those students was Jesse.

But what he did in the moments before his death will forever cement him in history as a hero of heroes.

Adam Lanza’s gun jammed after he burst into Jesse Lewis’ classroom at Sandy Hook Elementary School and killed teacher Victoria Soto. Jesse saw in a moment that he had an opening.

He shouted to his classmates, who were huddled in the corner, holding hands. Six children fled the classroom and made it to safety.

‘He yelled, “Run!” Adam reloaded and shot him in the head,’ said his mother Scarlett Lewis (pictured above), who learned details of the events inside the classroom from investigators.

‘When I heard he used his last few seconds on Earth to try to save his friends, I was not surprised,’ she said. ‘I am so incredibly proud of him,’

Because of Jesse, six other boys and girls will grow old, never forgetting the classmate that gave them a full life.

None of us will ever forget you, Jesse. Although brief, your time on our planet blessed us unlike anyone else. Thank you.

Jesse has a foundation set up by his mother to bring awareness in our communities. The mission is to choose love over anger. It can be found at Jesse Lewis Choose Love Foundation.


Share Jesse’s final act of bravery with others, and don’t let his heroism go unnoticed.

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