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Incredible Footage Captures Killer Whales Hunting And Eating A Tiger Shark

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Underwater footage taken off the coast of Costa Rica has for the very first time documented killer whales attacking a tiger shark.

Video taken by photographer Caroline Power, 26, shows three whales, two females and one male, forcing the seven-foot shark to the surface before engaging in the attack.

Power, a native of Louisiana now living in Honduras, told the Mirror,

The shark made one last attempt to use the boat as shelter and as it swam straight at me I could almost see the desperation in its black eyes. I lifted my head and camera out of the water just before his razor-sharp teeth could grab me. It then started biting the side of the boat, working itself around before attacking the engines as well. I think he wanted to get into the boat.

The male orca then paralyzed the fish by flipping it onto its back, leaving it to be eaten alive.

Power said the killer whales seemed to be playing with their food, swimming with the body hanging out of their mouths when they could have been done with it in minutes.

She said,

I believe this is the first time orcas hunting tiger sharks has been documented — we were all fairly awestruck. After the orcas had left we all just kind of stood in the boat, staring at the ocean, contemplating what we had seen.

The tiger shark is the top predator in those waters, so to see it knocked off the top of the food chain, to see it afraid, to see it fight for its life and lose was pretty incredible.

Another female killer whale and her infant could be seen watching the action from afar.

Power added that her team saw the same pod of whales kill a hammerhead shark just days before.

She said the whales ate the tiger shark down to its bones before leaving the area.

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