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I’ve Seen Acts of Kindness Before, But This One Made Me Ball My Eyes Out.

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Alyssa O’Neill suffered from epilepsy her entire life. She was only 18 years-old when she experienced an epileptic seizure so severe, it took her life. Her grief-stricken parents were shocked by the sudden loss, so they wanted to honor her memory by fulfilling her final wish.

Even though her last wish was for something a little strange.

Before she passed away, this 18 year-old’s final wish was for a Starbucks pumpkin spice latte. Unfortunately, her wish was never fulfilled.

Alyssa’s parents decided to do something nice for people and remember their daughter at the same time. They bought 40 strangers pumpkin spice lattes at Starbucks. All they wanted was their daughter’s initials (AJO) to be written on the cups and for people to be reminded that kindness should be spread.

Little did they know, they just started a chain of events that would influence countless people. After the baristas saw what they did, they bought another 50 lattes for customers.

Soon, the AJO acts of kindness were spreading everywhere. From free coffees to restaurant bills, people were spreading kindness in Alyssa’s name, just asking that others spread the same kindness on.

Not only are people encountering pure kindness in the world, but the O’Neill family is also raising awareness of epilepsy. They created the scholorship fund called the AJO Forever Fund to help families of children with epilepsy.

Alyssa wanted to be a nurse and help other people with her condition. Even though she passed away, she was still able to do what she always wanted: help others.

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