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Jon Stewart Covers The Malaysian Airlines Coverage Leads The Daily Links

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Plus Adam Scott steps into his “Step Brothers” character to bro down for a bit, a vet weighs in on when you should worry about your kitty’s cough, and an insane supercut of pop-culture references from “The Office.” Variety

The “Bermuda Triangle,” “black hole,” and “same thing that happened on ‘Lost’” theories—Jon Stewart takes a serious look at CNN’s Malaysia Airlines coverage. – [Variety]

Rolling Stone

Neon Trees’ Tyler Glenn comes out as gay in “Rolling Stone” this week—a brave move for the lifelong Mormon! – [Rolling Stone]

The Wrap

Watch Adam Scott bro down as Derek Huff (his insane “Step Brothers” character); and share his words of wisdom about health care. – [The Wrap]


Hairballs don’t cause coughing in cats—see what a vet has to say about the causes of kitty coughs and when you should be concerned. – [Catster]

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AMAZING!! Do not miss out on this supercut guide to 1,300 of “The Office”’s pop-culture references. – [WIRED]

Hollywood Life / Via Instagram: @kimkardashian

No matter how you feel about Kanye, you want to see his shoe-design collection—trust. – [Hollywood Life]


Take control of these 5 things that manipulate your moods far more than you realize every day. – [Cracked]


Think you know “The Simpsons” pretty well? Here are 12 easter eggs from the show you might have missed. – [mental_floss]

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