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With the summer growing season coming to an end, the one plant that can prolong the life of your garden is kale. It’s able to continue to grow throughout the fall even when planted in the heat of summer. The following are some ways to kale:

1. The Refresher

The Refresher

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This blueberry kale salad has ingredients you can use out of your summer garden and is simple to assemble. The blueberries are packed with antioxidants and have been shown to help improve memory And it’s light enough to keep you feeling clean but satisfied.

2. The Early Riser

The Early Riser

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and this one helps you get off on the right foot. The kale and mushroom frittata is quick and painless and with the addition of goat cheese it adds some serious flavor.

3. The Meal of Meals

The Meal of Meals

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Primavera Kitchen

Nothing says fall like sweet potatoes but the addition of shrimp still gives it that summer feel. Shrimp keeps the protein count high and the calorie count low which will keep you full longer. Try this sweet potato and kale recipe for dinner!

4. The So You Got Drunk But Still Want to Be Healthy

The So You Got Drunk But Still Want to Be Healthy

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Kale Chips are easy to make and store just like regular chips. You can add some special seasonings to flavor them just like real chips too. And they hit the spot after a night out and needing a salty binge without feeling like a health failure.

5. The Detox

The Detox

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So that whole eating fresh this summer hasn’t happened? One way to jump start your health is with this kale, apple, and banana smoothie. High in vitamins A and K and potassium, it will give anybody the motivation to kickstart a healthy diet.

6. The Hearty

The Hearty

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Now that fall season is upon us, its also soup season. This chicken and kale soup cooks within a half hour and will keep you full all day. Plus it makes great leftovers!

*If you are looking for a vegetarian option substitute the chicken for mushrooms.

7. The Hor d’oeuvres

The Hor d'oeuvres

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Looking for something to give out at a dinner party that packs a healthy punch? Try quinoa and kale patties. They’re easy to make and are full of fiber, vitamin A and K. Plus if you have any leftover you can use them as a side for dinner.

8. And The Classic

And The Classic

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Food Network

Its a classic for a reason! Nothing beats the taste of sautéed kale and by adding some seasonings you can create a twist on the common.

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