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Look closely to see the secret hiding in Disney movies.

Apparently, there has been a hidden secret lurking for quite some time in various Disney and Pixar animated films. You’ve likely seen it many times, having never even noticed it. The secret is “A113”. This combination of numbers and one letter has appeared in Pixar and Disney films for many years. To prove it, one film buff looked through films to show the evidence. This secret message has been all over the place.

In Toy Story, it appears on Andy’s mom’s minivan.

In A Bug’s Life, it appears on a box.

In Finding Nemo, it appears on a camera.

In The Incredibles, it appears as Mr. Incredible’s cell coordinates.

In Cars, it appears on various vehicles.

In Ratatouille, it appears on a rat’s ear tag.

In Wall-E, it appears as the Abandon Earth protocol code.

In Up, it appears as the number for the courtroom. 

In Cars 2, it appears on more vehicles.

In Brave, it is engraved as Roman numerals.

In Monster’s University, it appears on a door.

In Lilo & Stitch, it appears on a license plate.

In The Iron Giant, it appears on a license plate, as well.

In The Princess and the Frog, it appears on a trolley car.

In The Brave Little Toaster, it appears on a door.

In American Dad, it appears on a vehicle’s license plate.

In The Simpsons, it appears in Bart’s mugshot and on Krusty the Clown’s prison uniform.

In The Avengers, it appears on a screen.

The code actually refers to something very simple.

The A113 code is actually a reference to a classroom where a lot of animators learned their skill. At the California Institute of the Arts, A113 is a classroom that was originally utilized for first year character animation and graphic design. This is where a lot of Disney and Pixar animators were taught their trade. In order to give thanks to the many people who learned the same craft, they put A113 in various spots in films they worked on. See if you can find this code in any other films you watch, and be sure to tell others to look out for this interesting secret, as well.

Credit: TheGhostWhoHatesSpills

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