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“Mad Men” Then And Now

1. Ken Cosgrove THEN: A total misogynist.

2. Don’s office THEN:

Don’s office NOW:

3. The clients THEN:

Sterling Cooper landed Lucky Strike, Right Guard, Menkin’s Department Store, and Bethlehem Steel Company.

The clients NOW:

Along with juice, there’s Jaguar, Heinz, Chevy, and St. Joseph Aspirin.

4. Secretaries THEN:

5. Joan’s view on life THEN:

6. Don’s mistress THEN:

7. The firm’s attitude on Jewish people THEN:

The firm’s Jewish hire NOW:

8. Pete and Peggy THEN:

9. Love THEN:

Love NOW: Your boss is not-so-secretly lusting after you.

10. Roger and Joan THEN:

11. Don’s dinner THEN:

Don’s dinners NOW:

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12. Formal attire THEN:

13. Creepy Glen THEN:

Less creepy Glen NOW:

14. Work drinks THEN:

15. Don’s home life THEN:

16. Pete’s home life then:

Pete’s home life NOW:

17. Parties THEN:

19. The boardroom THEN:

20. Pete’s mother THEN:

21. Cars THEN:

22. Sterling Cooper THEN:

Sterling Cooper NOW:

23. Casual women’s clothing THEN:

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