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Meet The Guy Who’s Going On Coffee Dates With All 1,088 Of His Facebook Friends (Video)

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Many of us have tried to filter through the friends we’ve realized we don’t really know. Matt Kulesza, a 28-year-old student from Australia, has started the 1000+ Coffees project to find out exactly who his Facebook “friends” are — and if they’re anything more than that.

Starting in September 2014, Matt set out on a three-year project to have coffee dates with all 1,088 of his Facebook friends. Now picture yourself scrolling through your own list of friends.

Think about having exclusive, hour-long coffee dates with each of those people. (This includes the people you haven’t seen since elementary school, the people you just follow because you can’t look away from them and yep, even your exes.)

At just 36 dates in, Matt has come across all of these scenarios — most of them taking place during the whopping 16-date bender he spent in New York City over the course of five days. Keurig, the American coffee brewer manufacturing company, took interest in Matt’s project because they’re also trying to promote face-to-face interaction over a cup of coffee.

So they flew Matt across the world to reconnect with his New York City friends, and the results were as engaging as they were caffeinated.

Currently studying International Studies at Monash University, this is Matt’s third attempt at a degree because he keeps “getting distracted by life, playing music, traveling and generally not knowing what [he wants] to do with [his] life.” One of those distractions lead him to North Korea, where he was originally inspired to pursue the 1000+ Coffees project.

Kulesza predicts he’ll be traveling to over 30 countries just to have dates with all of his Facebook friends. Some of those countries include Brazil, Iceland, China, Japan (where he used to live), all over Europe and many of the states in the US.

In his previous travels, he’s also met people who are from places he’s yet to visit, which is largely why he is giving himself three years to complete the project.

Although he’s stopped accepting Facebook friends for the duration of his project, Kulesza is considering planning dates with all the strangers who now follow his page once this project is completed. Matt is documenting all of his coffee dates through his blog.

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