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Meet The Two Most Emo Corgis In Taiwan

1. Hi. This is Emo.

2. Emo is, of course, emo.

3. Emo has a best friend named Eka.

4. Eka is also emo. She has a lot of feelings.

5. Here’s baby Eka.

6. And another because AWWWW.

7. Here’s a terrifying picture of Emo with a doll head.

8. Emo sleeps with a stuffed animal with weird boobs and a nose ring.

9. Sometimes they spoon.

10. Emo is really into doing his eyebrows.

11. He also likes sleeping and dreaming of the afterlife.

12. Sometimes he drinks Coke.

13. Eka is definitely a little more happy than Emo. Sometimes other corgis call her a “poser.”

14. Eka says she hides behind a thinly veiled smile. She says it’s all a show to the world.

15. Someday she dreams of going to art school.

16. This is what Emo looks like when he’s mad.

17. This is what Emo looks like when he dances.

18. And this is what Emo looks like sleeping under a roll of toilet paper.

19. Emo and Eka are friends with a bunch of dachshunds who are also emo.

Emo and Eka are friends with a bunch of dachshunds who are also emo.

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20. Here’s a picture of all of them sleeping.

21. They are also friends with other emo corgis.

22. Sometimes they hold seances.

23. Eka is friends with a cat named DiDi.

24. Their hobbies include sitting on the ground and looking sad.

25. Eka hates these glasses.

26. The only thing Eka really likes is tiny cowboy hats.

27. Emo and Eka like to sit around reciting their favorite quotes.

28. ~Nothing to say, nothing to prove, nothing to gain and nothing to lose~

29. ~A tear is made of 1% water, 99% feelings~

30. ~The best time to CRY is under the SHOWER, this way no one will ever know that you were SAD~

31. Sometimes they massage each other.

32. Sometimes they hide beneath their bones.

33. Other times they sit and wallow.

34. Here Emo is wallowing.

35. And here Emo has a brown paper bag over his head.

36. One final thought: ~ I can’t promise to always smile, because life always has a way to make me cry~

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