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Michael Phelps’ Reported Girlfriend Admits She Was Born A Man

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Facebook/Getty Images

Facebook/Getty Images

A woman called Taylor Lianne Chandler, who claims to be the girlfriend of Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps, has revealed she was born intersex.

Chandler, 41, published a detailed Facebook post on November 13 explaining she was out with Phelps on September 30, the night he received a publicized DUI.

She says that the pair began dating after being matched on Tinder.

But since her name hit the Internet when Phelps checked into rehab, Chandler’s been taking media coverage into her own hands.


Chandler was first brought to media attention as Phelps’ companion the night he was arrested for drunk driving.


In her Facebook confession, Chandler writes she was born with both a penis and a uterus, originally named David Roy Fitch.


At 15, the woman underwent hormone therapy and changed the name on her birth certificate to Paige Victoria Whitney.


In 1993, Chandler underwent plastic surgery to reshape her genitals.


Soon after, she legally changed her name to Taylor Lianne Whitney.


Chandler says she’s always identified more with the feminine side of herself, and spent her life trying to embrace it.


Chandler writes that Phelps does not know about her past, which includes extortion charges and rape, all of which are detailed in her Facebook post.


She continues, “I am probably going to lose him because he is a brand that his team wants to protect.”


“He is the first man I ever had intimacy with and felt comfortable and all woman.”


“I will probably lose him, which hurts like hell.”


She adds that by sharing her story, she hopes to “take the power away” from tabloids that may twist what really happened.


But in an interview with the Daily Mail, Chandler tells juicy tales about sex with Phelps and their purported private life together.


Whether Chandler’s claims of a relationship are real or not, she’s certainly prepared herself for press coverage.


Her Facebook “about” section reads, “Taylor Lianne Chandler’s life changed on September 30 when her relationship with Michael Phelps, was made public.”


It also includes a publicist’s phone number.


Chandler’s cover photo features publicity shots of both herself and Phelps, as well as screenshots of text messages purportedly from him.


Phelps, who checked into rehab facilities early October, has yet to issue a statement confirming or denying a relationship with Chandler.


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