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Mom Saves For Christmas By Selling Her Breast Milk For $20 A Bottle

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breast milkbreast milk

A British mother has made thousands of dollars selling her breast milk to buy her kids presents for Christmas.

The New York Daily News reports that Rebecca Hudson, 26, had a surplus of breast milk because her daughter was born 10 weeks premature and could therefore only consume a few ounces a week.

She told ITV’s “This Morning,”

I didn’t want to pour it away because it takes a lot of work to produce breast milk. It takes energy and time.

The milk was coming out of the mother of four “in bucket loads,” she said, a huge surprise considering she could hardly make any after baby Milly was born.

Hudson, of Manchester, eventually produced so much milk that she had run out of space at home and even at her local hospital, which was overstocked.

So she scoured the Internet for ways to put the milk to good use and found numerous American women who had made money selling theirs.

Hudson discovered that breast milk is in constant demand for health nuts and chefs due to the high amount of protein it contains.

It is even apparently used as an accessory for erotica, according to the Daily News.

Hudson said,

I thought, if I can make money for my children, I don’t see the harm.

She auctioned off her breast milk online for $20 a bottle.

A year later, she has made $4,750 and now sells to eight clients on a regular basis, one of whom is a body builder.

She added,

What they do with milk is up to them, I’m not going to discriminate. Whether it’s for bodybuilding or sexual preferences it’s up to them.

One might suggest advertising her product as 100 percent Cambodian to fetch a better price…

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