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Never mind Iraq — it’s The Life Aquatic with John Kerry and Bill Nye

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John Kerry is confused. He seems to think he’s the administrator of the fictional National Underwater and Marine Agency from a Clive Cussler potboiler. Bad enough that he chose a week when the world is falling apart to become delusional, but he’s pairing up with Bill Nye (the no actual scientific credentials guy) for an online Q&A called #OceanChat.

Who better to educate the denizens of the interwebz about the ocean than a guy with the personality of a frozen haddock and the human equivalent of Spongebob Squarepants?!/AviWoolf/status/478687739156520960!/BPratto/status/478691113335652352!/nightflyblog/status/478709313079623681!/ScottLofquist/status/478709386517282816!/redsteeze/status/478709701178163202!/MartiniShark/status/478713290965938176!/redsteeze/status/478711014381219840!/redsteeze/status/478710090501849091

Maybe if they got Bill Murray instead of Bill Nye they might be on to something.


There’s a hashtag ripe for hijacking.

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