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No Words Can Describe What This Guide Dog Did. And He Paid the Ultimate Price For It.

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When Dave Furukawa, his son and his guide dog were on a walk, disaster struck. A speeding car ran a stop sign in an intersection in Atlanta, GA, and was coming right for 4 year-old Will and his dad.

What happened next is heartbreaking and heroic.

Although Simon was Dave’s guide dog, he was willing to die to save the life of a child, Dave’s son.

When Dave’s 4 year-old son Will was about to get hit by a car that ran a stop sign, Simon prevented disaster.

The dog pushed the toddler out of the way and was then struck by the speeding car.

Dave was also hit, but survived the incident.

Even though he was grievously injured, he followed Will until he knew he was all right.

Then, he laid down to finally rest. He died of internal bleeding.

Dave may get other guide dogs, but he will never forget what Simon did for Will.


Dogs truly are man’s BEST friend. Share this story to remember Simon.

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