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On Roe v. Wade anniversary, Twitterers thank mothers for choosing life!/bmorrett/status/293738567585370112

Forty years ago today, the Supreme Court legalized the killing of the unborn. Over 55 million lives have been snuffed out since. That makes it all the more remarkable that so many of us are here today, and we’re so grateful to the women who made that possible:

40th Anniversary of Roe vs. Wade Did you thank your Mom for choosing life today? #life #precious #MarchforLife2013

— Christina Ransom (@CMTRansom12) January 22, 2013

A person’s a person no matter how small. Thank your mother for choosing life!

— Elizabeth Bald (@baldEbiz) January 22, 2013

Today we celebrate mothers! Thank your mother for choosing life!

— Restoring the Heart(@RTH_Inc) January 22, 2013

Twitterers are doing just that:

#gratefultweet day 178: that my mom chose life. #GoDark4Life #prolife

— Amanda Mortus (@worthyofAgape) January 22, 2013

Saddened that in the 40 yrs since #RoevWade, 55 mil innocent little lives have been taken! So thankful to my Mom for choosing life!

— Christi Barnett (@ChristiMarie212) January 22, 2013

My birth mother had a choice and she chose LIFE.That worked out pretty well for me.#RoevWade

— Anthony Onesto (@anthonyonesto) January 22, 2013

I am thankful my mother chose life for me in this #prochoice era.#roevwade

— Clint Lewey (@ClintLewey) January 22, 2013

My mom refused to have an abortion and HERE I AM!!! And now she has 2 grandsons as well. #ProLife

— Jaclyn (@ItsJaylee22) January 22, 2013

@charliedaniels They only care about themselves and there agendas… I’m so blessed that my 14yr old birth mother chose to give me life.

— Heidi Smith(@1txscowgirl) January 22, 2013

I’m not just thankful my mom chose life, but that my grandparents chose to adopt that mom, and later, me.

— Matt Henslee (@mhenslee) January 22, 2013

40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. A birth mom once told me she had a choice to make. She chose life for a baby girl, my daughter. Grateful.

— Ben Tarver (@benmarstar) January 22, 2013

Rejoicing that my mother chose life for my sister & I but heartbroken over the many children who’s parents did not. #RoevWade. #ProLife.

— #theKINGsdaughter (@differentPearls) January 22, 2013

My mother was advised to kill me in in the womb in order to make her own life easier.I’m thankful she chose life.

— Tally Wilgis (@TallyWilgis) January 22, 2013

Today is the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, thankful that my mom chose LIFE for me 24 years ago. #prayfortheunborn #psalm139

— Sarah Depew (@Sarah_Depew) January 22, 2013

Thank you, moms.

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