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#OnlyAliensUnderstand these 15 things!/abtthomlinson/status/181400954472644609

Human beings have spent centuries trying to learn life’s little secrets. Unfortunately, there are some things humans just aren’t smart enough to learn. It’s times like these when everyone wishes they could be a martian.

Those lucky aliens and their abnormally large green brains always have everything figured out.

#OnlyAliensUnderstand – Why E.T. constantly wanted to 'phone home'

— Jakey Marley Baker (@jakeymarley) March 18, 2012!/CharPhelps_/status/181401606854680576

#OnlyAliensUnderstand how amazing it feels like to be an Alien 😀 <3

— Tokio丰Hotel (@LaylaElFan1) March 18, 2012

#OnlyAliensUnderstand how to kill a Predator more efficiently than Arnold Scwarzenegger.

— Mitchel. (@MitchelRC) March 18, 2012

#OnlyAliensUnderstand Lady Gaga

— Mr.Tweet.Ya.Girl (@Majestics_Papi) March 18, 2012

#OnlyAliensUnderstand How the female brain operates.

— sun bear (@wesleydayley) March 18, 2012

#OnlyAliensUnderstand that humans are the cancer that lives on this plant the virus that is destroying it's supporting life source

— Andrew Samy (@ScarfaceTall) March 18, 2012

#OnlyAliensUnderstand that we should all worship cats or else they WILL take over the world. #catladyproblems #catladyprobs #catlady

— Cat Lady Probs (@CatLadyProbs1) March 18, 2012!/iamceren/status/181402953331118083

#onlyaliensunderstand why my iPhone isn't smart enough not to try and autocorrect my #hashtags

— Kitiara Kurohyou (@kitiara) March 18, 2012

#OnlyAliensUnderstand why we go to school just to forget 70% of the stuff we learn.

— shawn cadaing (@shaunjust) March 18, 2012

#OnlyAliensUnderstand what Sylvester Stallone is saying.

— Sean (@WafcSean) March 18, 2012!/jackttack/status/181401851642650624

#OnlyAliensUnderstand why they pee using their finger 😀

— Ahmad Fariq (@qirafyosman) March 18, 2012!/DerekPhillips7/status/181405674243227650

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