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We recently read about the Syracuse school district’s plan to send home a backpack of 10 books with every school child (kindergarten to fifth grade) at the end of this year. This warms our book-loving hearts. Here is the 10 books we’d like to have included in our school backpack this summer. You can read the article here

1. Dr. Suess – THE LORAX

Dr. Suess - THE LORAX

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You can learn a lot from reading the Lorax – Sustainability, how to be a steward to the environment, responsibility. Useful lessons for any young reader.

2. Madeline


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Many valuable lessons can be imparted to readers of Madeline, most importantly courage.


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The power of knowledge is the inspiring message behind this lovable tale from Roald Dahl. It’s also a very entertaining read.


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Shel Silverstein’s poetry collection and whimsical drawings are sure to inspire a new generation of poets.


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Growing up can be difficult, as children we learn that we’re all made differently. This book by E.B. White is a heartwarming tale of what it means to find your voice.


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Teaching resourcefulness, the main character in this novel is a young native american girl who has learned to survive on her own island.


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A larger message about discipline and courage is at work in this novel. Read Holes and you’ve entered a magical world that is enthralling and uplifting.


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There are some big themes in this book, but older readers will remember this tale for the rest of their lives


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Friendship, the power of imagination and the introduction to losing a loved one is sobering for many young readers, but a worthwhile lesson that will show the heavier issues that books can cover.


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Peter Rabbit knows how to get into trouble but this adorable rabbit takes readers on all kind of adventures.

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