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People In Kazakhstan Can’t Stop Falling Asleep And No One Knows Why

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The remote 600-person town of Kalachi, Kazakhstan is more than just sleepy. Its residents are asleep and no one knows why.

For the last several years, dozens of Kalachi locals allegedly experienced long bouts of sudden sleep, sometimes lasting days.

When Russia Today visited to film a mini-documentary about the town’s Sleeping Beauties, neighbors were only too happy to share the story of their mysterious illness. One recounted a winter in which 60 unconscious people were laid in rows.

A villager told the Siberian Times locals worry about those they buried at the beginning of the crisis, before they knew about the lengthy sleeps. Most reportedly feel a sudden onset of exhaustion, then wake up days later in the hospital.

Although researchers aren’t sure what’s causing the sleeping bouts, some hypothesize tainted water from an abandoned uranium mine slowly seeped into the town’s drinking supply.

The Russia Today film crew visited the town’s old Soviet mines and found radiation levels reportedly 16 times higher than expected.

Scientists visiting Kalachi reportedly took inconclusive samples of residents’ hair and nails, as well as both soil and water. Local doctors report the sleeping sickness isn’t due to any kind of viral infection or narcolepsy, although patients are sometimes diagnosed with brain conditions.

Soon, however, the epidemic’s victims wake up and resume normal life.

Until a cure is found, residents just have to wait and try to stay awake.

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