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Picture of the Day: Art Imitating Life




Photograph by DANIEL KRONE
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In this perfectly timed (and framed) photograph by Daniel Krone, we see a painting of the popular New Orleans street performer Uncle Louie in a store front while the actual Uncle Louie is spotted in the distance crossing the street!

Uncle Louie and his tiny stuffed dog, affectionately known as Lil Willie, are a common sight in New Orleans’ French Quarter. Louie is best known for his ability to stand very still while in mid stride. You can find a video of him in ‘action’ embedded below.

Much like the famed naked cowboy in New York’s Time Square, tourists love snapping pics of Uncle Louie and Lil Willie. In an interview with French Quarterly, Uncle Louie says he’s been doing the ‘frozen in time’ shtick for almost twenty years.

Many thanks to Mr. Krane for sending the photo in!

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