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Playing Video Games (In Small Doses) Is Actually Good For You

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Finally, a study that supports what video gamers believed all along. BF_STATIC.timequeue.push(function () { if (BF_STATIC.bf_test_mode) localStorage.setItem(‘posted_date’, 1407237107); }); BF_STATIC.timequeue.push(function () { document.getElementById(“update_posted_time_3408682”).innerHTML = “posted on ” + UI.dateFormat.get_formatted_date(1407237107); });

Young people who play video games for short periods of time are better adjusted and have fewer emotional issues, a study has found.

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“Hey, look how happy we are! But don’t worry, we’re only playing video games for under one hour a day!” vadimguzhva/vadimguzhva

The Oxford University survey suggests that young people’s development improves if they spend less than an hour a day playing video games compared to those who didn’t play at all.

The study was conducted with 5,000 British 10- to 15-year-olds, 75% of whom said that they played video games regularly. The children were asked to rate a number of social factors, including “satisfaction with their lives” and “how well they got on with peers”.

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“OMG I am so happy playing Mario Kart for 59 minutes a day!” 4774344sean/4774344sean

The study claims that the video-game-playing children were more satisfied with their lives, less hyperactive, and had fewer emotional issues than those who didn’t play at all.

Psychologist Dr Andrew Przybylski said there could be many reasons behind this result. He told the BBC: “Being engaged in video games may give children a common language. And for someone who is not part of this conversation, this might end up cutting the young person off.”

However, the study also reported that children who played video games for more than three hours were less adjusted and had lower satisfaction with their lives.

Andrew Przybylski’s full study can be read online here.

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