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Politico assists Mayor Bob Filner with (image) rehabilitation effort!/McHughFox/status/361844384263704579

San Diego Mayor Bob Filner has said he’ll enter a two-week program of intensive behavioral counseling to deal with his apparent inability to, in his words, “fully respect women.” That course of sexual harassment rehab is expected to begin Monday, but Politico is giving Filner some early assistance in rehabilitating his image. Politico has posted an online quiz on Filner’s life and career, which it has teased with a reference to Filner’s role in the Civil Rights Movement in 1961.!/politico/status/361859701090156544

And we thought we were supposed to stop talking about Benghazi because that happened “a long time ago.”!/LadyLNorth/status/362757249216679936!/VodkaPundit/status/363043410963214336!/MAJGrey/status/363041172517699585!/kankokage/status/362756781987991552!/Allout1/status/362767984395165696

Rush: @politico says #WarOnWomen

Akin: @politico says #WarOnWomen

Filner: @politico says "Did you know Bob Filner was a Freedom Rider?"— DepressiveBlogger69 (@AceofSpadesHQ) August 01, 2013!/BigJebBos/status/363049788524085249

So, how much do you really know about Bob Filner?!/DanDoranBlum/status/361837772606152705!/BKrasonVB/status/361820899328008193

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