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‘Poor Kids Of Tehran’ Gives A Different Perspective On Life In Iran (Photos)

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Rich Kids vs Poor Kids of TehranRich Kids vs Poor Kids of Tehran

Ever since Instagram launched in 2010, the photo-sharing platform has remained a hotbed for “rich kid” accounts.

You know, those Instagram accounts highlighting the wealthiest kids in the world who are handed everything from pavé-set Richard Mille timepieces to brand new Maserati Gran Turismo coupes.

If you’ve ever heard of the Rich Kids of Instagram account, you know exactly what these things typically look like and what purpose they serve (which is usually nothing productive).

The most recent account is called the Rich Kids of Tehran and gives foreigners to the capital of Iran an inside look at how some of the country’s well-off young people are living these days.

However, what it’s failing to show is the real-life, day-to-day activity for kids in Tehran who don’t have anything more than a stuffed animal to play with. For that reason alone, the account has managed to stir up terrible press over the past few days.

As a matter of fact, the account administrator decided to delete every single photo ever uploaded.

In lieu of the account, someone created a Poor Kids of Tehran account, showing a more realistic perception of the average child’s life in Tehran, Iran.

On October 8, an Instagram account called the Rich Kids of Tehran began making quite the buzz on the Internet.


The Instagram account was filled with tons of photos featuring the well-off, rich people in the capital of Iran.


If you know anything about the original “Rich Kids of Instagram” account, you know what these kinds of accounts aim to do: brag, brag and brag.


If there’s one thing these types of accounts are good at doing, it’s glorifying an almost fictitious lifestyle that only a small fraction of people can afford to live.


The Rich Kids of Tehran account is everything but realistic. Not once does the account give people a glimpse of real-life for many people in Tehran.


The administrator has chosen to close the account down due to negative publicity.


Shortly after its disappearance, another Instagram casting a different light on life in Tehran was created. It’s called Poor Kids of Tehran.


The account aims to show a more realistic side of what day-to-day life is like for people who don’t have much.


No flaunting barrels of truffle oils and sizzling filet mignons here. Just real life.


If anything, this account should gain popularity for keeping it real.


It’s important to remember that to some, this is all they have.


The Poor Kids of Tehran account pokes fun at the wealth-obsessed show-offs of Iran. This is a Nissan Zamyad — not a Ferrari or a Maserati!

Not everyone has a warm bed to sleep in at night.


Some children don’t even know what they’re going to eat for breakfast.


Hopefully, this will help put an end to the obnoxious Instagram accounts geared toward showing people how much money other people have.


H/T: Aljazeera, Photos Courtesy: Instagram

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