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Rahm Emanuel On How To Motivate People, And More Questionable Advice From Politicians

1. Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels, “How To Buy a Motorcycle”

Mark Wilson / Getty Images

“Leave your wife at home. She is unlikely to appreciate the necessity of this purchase.”
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2. Anonymous, Special Forces Officer, “How To Look Like You Are in the Special Forces”


“Wear sunglasses. Everywhere.”
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3. Former NH Gov. and Senator Judd Gregg, “How To Talk to a Democrat”

“Get to get to know their dog”
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4. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, “How To Motivate People”


“Sometimes—I don’t want to say scream at them—but you have to be…forceful.”
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5. Former Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff, “How To Speed Through Airport Security”

“I sequence it that way so I can reverse the unpacking process at the other end.
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6. Former personal aide to Obama Reggie Love, “How To Have the President’s Back”

NICHOLAS KAMM / Getty Images

“Fifty percent of the job is just showing up and being available. It’s not ­always about doing something amazing. It’s the preparation”
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7. Oregon Senator Ron Wyden, “How To Talk to a Republican”

Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

“You don’t have to compromise your principles or even like the other side. To get what you want, find a way for the other side to get what they want, too.”
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8. David Boies, Represented Al Gore in Bush v. Gore, “How To Negotiate”

Patrick McDermott / Getty Images

“Be patient. In lots of ­negotiations, you have to move slowly. Otherwise, you give a false ­impression that you are too anxious for a settlement.”
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