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“Sex Life Of A Single Cat” Is The Weirdest Book Of 1965 You Must Read

1. There’s not much we know about this eBay listing for a 1965 book called Sex Life of a Single Cat

It was authored and illustrated by someone called Chickie Brown (so not a real name) and is listed as a “very rare” first edition. It indeed seems to be nearly obsolete. (But bidding for this copy starts at $9.99!) Let’s take a look inside.

2. It appears to be an office comedy or drama, taking place at a cat nip company.

3. A cat applies for a job and is asked whether she (or he) has done the sex. Not weird at all.

4. Not really sure I get this joke either, but it’s definitely a dirty one.

Not really sure I get this joke either, but it's definitely a dirty one.

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5. This kitty definitely has a sexual harassment lawsuit on her paws. Time to call FR (Feline Resources).

6. Is this a penis joke?

7. I feel bad for this cat.

8. Apparently, either a character wins first place for something, or this book got an award. The latter seems…unlikely.

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