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She smothers her shoe in glue. The reason is wonderful!

Want to make a pair of shoes that you can totally customize?

One of a kind sneakers that no one else has? If you have any white boat shoes, tennis shoes or slip on’s laying around then heres a very cool project to individualize these otherwise boring white sneaks and make them into some really unique looking footwear!

What you need:

1 Pair Canvas-Sneakers (new or used)
Left over material, lace gives a particularly cool effect
material glue (this one is perfect)
Razor blade

What to do:

First cut out a piece of material to cover the front part of the shoe, preferably a bit larger as this will make it easier later on.

Use a paintbrush to spread glue generously around the area you want to add some extra life to.

Once the glue is on and is sticky, then press the material hard onto the glue, removing all the creases and air bubbles.

Now for the backside. Do the same as above.

Get to work on the second shoe, while the first one dries.

Now take a razor blade to cut away at the excess material.

Careful not to slice through the shoe. Otherwise it should be fairly easy to cut.

Look at the finished product! A brand new shoe, totally more fashionable than before! In this example the middle part was also used. This is optional.

All kinds of different variations you can do with this project.

Check out this video:

This is a real unique way to totally personalize your otherwise boring white tennis shoes! This really transforms them and no one else will have a pair like you have!

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