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She Went To Her Dentist For A Root Canal. What They Found In Her Mouth Was Completely Unexpected

What happens when you go to the dentist for one procedure you definitely are not looking forward to, and suddenly the dentist finds something entirely unrelated lurking in your mouth?

Such was the case for Emily Lallouz. It was one thing she had to go in for a root canal, it was another when the dentist made another gnarly discovery.

Turns out, during the routine irrigation after the root canal took place, the dentist asked if she used Crest Pro-Health toothpaste. Strange question, right? Emily thought so to. But her answer was, yes, she did in fact use this brand of paste.

The doctor then proceeded to show Emily little blue balls that were being removed from underneath her gums as well as in between her teeth.

These microbeads are plastic beads found in Crest toothpastes and other products as well. There purpose is to supposedly improve the cleaning ability of the paste.

These things end up getting stuck rather than being washed away with water. When they do get spit out and go down the drain, it turns out these plastic beads are then eventually unleashed in open waters where fish end up ingesting them.

Who comes up with these ideas? There are actually a large number of products that use microbeads, making it a very sad outcome for wildlife that end up ingesting them and for the humans who end up living with them between their gums.

Beauty products are continually adding new lines of creams and conditioners so its hard to get an up-to-date list, but the following products contain the microbeads:

How the benefits of extra cleansing can outweigh the negatives of hurting humans and wildlife is mind boggling.

Thankfully, states are beginning to put bans in place, outlawing the sale of products which contain these harmful plastic beads.

So far its California, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Maine, Maryland and New Jersey who have all stepped up and put forth legislation against microbeads.

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