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Sick: Violence apologists blame Steven Crowder for assault by union thug!/FoolishReporter/status/278622845532262401

Why yes. Yes they have. Shortly after Steven Crowder tweeted about being viciously assaulted by a union goon, conservatives jokingly suggested that lefties would find a way to blame Crowder:

@stranahan Gee, I wonder who will be cast as the violent ones. @scrowder best get a lawyer — he assaulted some thug’s fist w/ his face.

— WitCoHE (@EricStrobel) December 11, 2012

@detnews Wow, just look at that evil Steven Crowder attacking that poor man’s fist with his face. Shame on you @scrowder. Shame. #tcot #rtw

— Joe Matthew (@KoenigJojo) December 11, 2012

@jonahnro @scrowder @detnews how dare that right wing extremist attack that moderate protester’s fist w/ his face.

— Jones (@jonessince1970) December 11, 2012

BREAKING ON MSNBC: right-wing faces being flung at union fists in Lansing! Developing…

— Lachlan Markay (@lachlan) December 11, 2012

The thing is, they weren’t far off. In the wake of the attack on Crowder, lefty loons are going after him. Why blame the criminal when you can blame the victim?

Of course it did MT @scrowder: Even if you hate me, nothing I could have done warranted being suckerpunched and threatened with murder.

— Dominic Nanni (@DominicNanni) December 11, 2012

Fox News propagandist @scrowder provokes picket line, gets punched in the face. #classenemy

— curecanti (@curecanti) December 11, 2012

So the unions are finally pushing back (and punching @scrowder in the face) after years of being abused and marginalized? Good for them.

— Stoned Dog (@Stoned_Dog) December 11, 2012

How many times is Fox News’ @scrowder going to cause trouble before he’s locked away?… #SaveMI #p2 #tcot

— P.J. Nicolatore (@NicoleGennette) December 11, 2012

. @scrowder makes a career out of insulting Detroiters and Michiganders then comes here and is pissed when people threaten him. #savemi

— Dominic Nanni (@DominicNanni) December 11, 2012

@scrowder that is so far from the truth its not even funny.

— Fran Devlin (@WyldeStorm) December 11, 2012

@scrowder You’re supposed to report the news not antagonize people to make news.

— madest (@madest) December 11, 2012

You clearly provoked it. Why were you getting in people’s faces telling them what to do? Reports report. You involved yourself @scrowder

— dub World (@organikbeaver) December 11, 2012

You provoked it, idiot. Go get stitches for your shocking head wound. RT @scrowder: nothing I could have done warranted being suckerpunched

— Surly Youth Soros (@StoopidProof) December 11, 2012

He was Standing His Ground. RT @scrowder: nothing I could have done warranted being suckerpunched. #RTW

— Surly Youth Soros (@StoopidProof) December 11, 2012

Tea Party parasite @scrowder goes into the union protest, harasses protesters, and *GASP* gets beat up. Totally deserved it #tcot #parasites

— Alec Hudson (@KentuckyRed91) December 11, 2012

@scrowder @seanhannity Just watched it.You deserved it bitch.Wish it was a worse beating.

— Homeboy Halligan (@HomeboyH) December 12, 2012

And don’t forget the Koch brothers!!!11!

@scrowder I hope the Koch brothers at least cut you a nice check for taking a punch for them.. propaganda scum

— Jovani Oh (@jovanioh) December 11, 2012

Foul-mouthed liberal Fox News contributer Bob Beckel doesn’t understand what the fuss is about:

Bob Beckel doesn’t think what happened to @scrowder was violence. I’m about to lose it…… #tcot

— Chris Enloe (@chrisenloe) December 11, 2012

“I don’t care about Crowder!” – @robertgbeckel on #TheFive @scrowder

— Tom Reynolds (@Beregond) December 11, 2012

Nice @robertgbeckel to not care about you getting beat on – your life was in danger but apparently not worth much? @scrowder #thefive #tcot

— O’Christmas Tree (@fitzfam2000) December 11, 2012

Feckless “conservative” Matt Lewis isn’t terribly broken up, either. In fact, he’s waving his conspiracy card:

There’s no excuse for hitting @scrowder. But what provoked this violence? (I’d like to see the full, unedited, video) –…

— Matt K. Lewis (@mattklewis) December 11, 2012

Specifically, I’d like to know what happened right before the 0:38 mark.…

— Matt K. Lewis (@mattklewis) December 11, 2012


@mattklewis I’ve been in 3 different unions. Don’t doubt that the mere presence of somebody opposed to them is sufficient cause 4 violence.

— Dylan Gwinn (@themightygwinn) December 11, 2012

Oh no?

@michellemalkin @scrowder wow, you’re actually dumb enough to fall for this?Or do you know it is a lie and willingly repeating it?

— Zorpheous (@Zorpheous) December 11, 2012

@michellemalkin @dloesch so 30 year old weasel @scrowder has become your Trayvon Martin?

— Thomas Murphy (@murphytb) December 11, 2012

NSFW! BRUTAL! THE HUMANITY! WHY JESUS? WHY? SHOCKING!! RT @scrowder: Minor cut on forehead. RT for truth. #pussy

— Surly Youth Soros (@StoopidProof) December 11, 2012

@scrowder the most shocking thing is your indifference to the assault on working families by power.

— Jimmy Dore (@jimmy_dore) December 11, 2012

@scrowder fuck you

— hunny (@Wallace_Steeler) December 11, 2012

Death wish on Crowder…

— Texas Red (@jswifty250) December 11, 2012

The tolerant Left, ladies and gents.

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