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Somebody Is Retelling “Back To The Future” In Real Time On Twitter

So, a group known as the Hill Valley Project is recreating Back To The Future on Twitter.

Universal / Courtesy Everett Collection

They’re carrying out this glorious time-wasting project to raise awareness for the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Disease research. The group is clear to point out they are in no way affiliated with the Foundation.

It means we get to live through Fox’s 1985 time-travel classic in real time. each of the principle characters has a Twitter account of their own.

A high-school slacker with a skill for guitars and skateboarding. Marty has a big heart but an excess of pride: no-one calls him chicken.

An eccentric scientist and inventor, and Marty’s best friend. Through his invention of the Flux Capacitor, he has just discovered the secret of time travel. But sourcing the plutonium required to power his time machine has got him into trouble with Libyan terrorists…

A 1950s school nerd with a lack of confidence and a creepy Peeping Tom habit. But a chance encounter with a mysterious stranger could change his life forever…

A 1950s teenage girl with a penchant for behaviours she will in later life call “looking for trouble”; drinking liquor, smoking and parking in cars with boys. But a crush on the wrong boy looks set to change the course of history…

A small-town bully who makes George McFly’s life a misery as both boy and man. But after Marty’s intervention, could all that change?

The action picked up again today at 1.30pm GMT, with Marty giving some motivational advice to the man who does not yet realise he is talking to his own son.

Universal / Courtesy Everett Collection

Remember, you need to read each section upwards from the bottom…

1. George is lacking the confidence. He does not know what Marty does, that Lorraine has it in her to fancy him.

Because if George and Lorraine don’t get it on at the Enchantment Under The Sea Dance, Marty will cease to exist!

2. Marty spells out the plan to “Dad, Dad, Dad, Daddy-o.”

In a risky, not to say icky move, Marty plans to play along with Lorraine’s advances.

3. Marty is going to pretend to touch his own mother on the…

Even without knowing the true reasons behind the plan, George is not showing himself as the sharpest tool in any box.

4. Marty needs to summon George’s inner warrior.

“Get your damn hands off of her!”

It’s all a bit more confusing when mixed in within your own feed.

5. “You know, if you put your mind to it, you could accomplish anything…”

But will the plan succeed?!

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