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‘SportsCenter’ airs Rodman’s Kim Jong Un interview; Viewers baffled, disgusted!/bigbadjoetonon/status/308376729641172992

That’s right. SportsCenter helped Dennis Rodman continue his repugnant Kim Jong Un bromance tour last night.

Dennis Rodman looking good on #SportsCenter.…

— Noah (@the_NoahJohnson) March 4, 2013

Linda Cohn says on “SportsCenter” that Dennis Rodman bailed on scheduled interview with ESPN after “This Week” appearance.

— Reid J. Epstein (@reidepstein) March 4, 2013

SportsCenter played his interview with George Stephanopoulos on “This Week.”

@gstephanopoulos just saw your segment with Rodman on @sportscenter hope you understood anything he said. I sure didn’t! #guesswhat

— Patrick Kennedy (@PK_NC) March 4, 2013

Sports fans were baffled.

Anyone else see Dennis rodman supporting North Korea on sportscenter right now?!

— Spencer Miles (@SpenceTooDeep) March 4, 2013

SportsCenter is airing Dennis Rodman’s interview about meeting with Kim Jong Un. I am at a loss for words.

— Aaron Lewis (@AA_Lew) March 4, 2013

I just saw Dennis Rodman talking toStephanopoulos about how cool of a dude Kim Jong-Un is on SportsCenter. #realsentence

— ShootyHoop (@shootyhoop) March 4, 2013

Last highlight I’d ever think to see on Sportscenter, “Rodman on North Korea”. #SC #ESPN

— Zach Mael (@The_Mael_Man) March 4, 2013

Ima act like I just didn’t see that Dennis Rodman and North Korea shit on Sportscenter

—Supa Beezy(@B_Ellis4real) March 4, 2013

1. Why would SportsCenter cover the whole Rodman-to-Korea story and 2. HOLY SHIT THE WORM IS SCARY CRAZY

— Julian Sarabia (@Jules_24) March 4, 2013

Baffled and rightly disgusted.

Dennis Rodman should not have been on SportsCenter…what an ass. #shutthehellup

— Jake Ayers (@CavsFan1992) March 4, 2013

Also how much coverage SportsCenter is doing on Rodman’s trip to North Korea is a disgrace. Could we have a worse representative of America?

— Ryan Balick (@rbalick) March 4, 2013

Just turned on #Sportscenter and Dennis Rodman looks like he’s been in a fire. Also, he’s out of his goddamn mind.

— Cake Walker (@LACakeWalk) March 4, 2013

Wow. SportsCenter is fellating the daylights out of Rodman for being such a willing puppet of Kim Jong-Un and North Korea.

— Jeff Emanuel (@jeffemanuel) March 4, 2013

ESPN is really showing the Dennis Rodman interview on SportsCenter?They’re hitting a new low.

— Jeff Aronson (@jamfan40) March 4, 2013

After watching the clip on Sportscenter of Dennis Rodman trying to defend Kim Jong Un, You should probably just stop talking Dennis #sodumb

— Kevin Faanes (@Kevin_34_Faanes) March 3, 2013

Dennis Rodman is a fucking idiot. @sportscenter

— Myron (@FAKE_sean) March 3, 2013

Listening to dennis rodman on sportscenter right now is just pissing me off.. guy is a g** damn idiot

— Jessie Pettit (@JessiePettit1) March 3, 2013

Did I just see Dennis Rodman hug the leader of North Korea on SportsCenter and call him a good guy? Wtf!?!?!?!?!?!?! That’s messed up.

— NTG 11 League (@NTGQuotes) March 4, 2013

Dennis Rodman sounds like an GF talking lovely about her abusive Spouse. But he loves me! You don’t know him like I do. #sportscenter #espn

— RobertLoveIII (@RobertLoveIII) March 3, 2013

Dennis Rodman – please shut up! I don’t need to be hearing this on @sportscenter this morning. Jeez…. Educate yourself!

— Adaobi G. (@dobes50) March 3, 2013

This man Dennis Rodman on @sportscenter has got to be one of the dumbest people there is

— Andy Drummond(@drumdrum09) March 4, 2013

“Is Dennis Rodman really the man to broker world peace?” – Sportscenter #lineofthenight #what

— Andrew Smith (@Andrew_SmithOX) March 4, 2013

Wow. Well, according to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, the trip was a “diplomatic triumph.” And George Stephanopoulos proclaimed that he has “no hate for Rodman” and that he hopes Kim Jong Un “proves him right with deeds.”

Willing puppets? It’s not just Rodman, evidently.


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