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Steam’s Massive Annual Summer Sale Is Here

Yesterday, Valve’s Steam service launched its annual summer sale. The first batch of daily deals are astounding: Game of the year candidate BioShock Infinite is half off at 30 bucks; 2012 indie gem Hotline: Miami is $2.50; Civilization V is 75% off at 8 dollars.

The daily deals are where the really great savings happen, but you can also catch up on some other really solid games for a fraction of their original cost. Grand Theft Auto IV and its huge expansions are bundled at $14; this year’s Tomb Raider reboot is half off at 25 bucks; every single Half-Life game is bundled together at $20; and last year’s Dishonored is only 18 smackers.

The Steam sale is a really good opportunity to stock up on gifts for the gamers in your life: You can download presents at their current prices and wait to gift them until a birthday or holiday rolls around.

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