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Stop Worrying About ‘The Amanda Show’ — Leave Bynes (And Her Recent DUI) Alone

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Amanda BynesAmanda Bynes

For many, Amanda Bynes was a first introduction to comedy. She burst onto the scene with her sketch-stealing performances on Nickelodeon’s version of “SNL,” “All That.” She was shockingly young, uncommonly composed and crazy talented.

In one of her recurring sketches, she was Ashley, a child version of “Dear Abby,” who hilariously snapped from sweet to sinister when responding to her readers’ nonsensical issues.

Her “All That” success gave way to “The Amanda Show,” a show still deeply embedded in the comedy subconscious of any Millennial. It featured classic sketches, like ‘Blockblister,’ where clerks at a knockoff movie rental store offered slightly “off” versions of films under the justification, “Ees Better, Much Better!

Who could forget her Judge Judy-esque courtroom, which unfailingly concluded with, “Bring in the dancing lobsters!” every time. She transitioned into a starring role in a blockbuster, alongside mega-child star Frankie Muniz and Paul Giamatti in “Big Fat Liar,” then came “She’s The Man,” then “Hairspray.” Then, Bynes resisted typecasting by becoming Emma Stone’s high school queen bee nemesis in “Easy A.”

Given her fast start, Amanda was set to be a female comedy voice that in an alternate universe, would be in Amy Poehler and Tina Fey’s company by now. She was a success magnet, but “Easy A” was her last starring role, as she officially retired from acting in 2012.

Then, things started to get a bit weird. Bynes found new fame on Twitter, but we laughed for different reasons. Her tirades, aggressive courting of Drake and scandalous photos made her a car-wreck must-follow.

We got twisted pleasure from watching the slow self-destruction of one of our most beloved child stars. With the diamond piercings in her cheek, Amanda became our favorite headcase.

As many of us predicted, Amanda ran into troubles with the law. She got a DUI after grazing a police cruiser while driving recklessly, and after her release, she found trouble again.

She tossed her bong out the window of her 36th floor apartment, ostensibly destroying evidence before police officers entered on suspicion of drug possession. Both charges resulted in nothing more than probation and an order to attend counseling and stay out of trouble.

Bynes got off Twitter, went to rehab and moved in with her parents. She was turning her life around and attending fashion school classes, but then, her conservatorship with her parents ended, and she was released on her own. Apparently, she began drinking and smoking again and failed her classes.

Which brings us to now. Amanda Bynes has been arrested for a DUI for driving while on her prescribed Adderall medication. Although Wes Welker is the most famous example of people who misuse the amphetamine, Adderall is a prescription drug meant to help people who have ADD.

Before we jump to conclusions about a major relapse, let’s consider the possibility that this drug was not being abused, but rather, used as prescribed. In any case, it’s time to stop looking for signs that Amanda Bynes is out of control.

Media pressure on former child stars who develop instability issues has historically produced catastrophic effects. Look no further than Britney Spears to see the tragic effects of national attention on a fragile mind.

Yes, it grossly fascinating to watch a formerly beloved celebrity crash and burn before our very eyes, but Amanda Bynes does not deserve this. Let’s not collectively shake our heads and self-righteously cluck about “what a shame it is,” while still thirsting for more news.

In her whirlwind decade of fame, Amanda was a shining comedic presence. Now, it is clear that she wants no part of the national spotlight. In fact, it’s clear that ruthless, critical attention is the last thing she needs.

We don’t need to put the heavy burden of the nation’s eyes on Bynes’ fragile shoulders; we don’t need to crush her with our prying gaze. She has given us plenty, so let’s give her what she wants: privacy. 

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