Strangers Attend Funeral For Vet Who Thought No One Would Show Up

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As Roscoe Cassidy neared the end of his long life, he found himself worried about one thing: What if nobody showed up to his funeral?

At 107 years old, the WWII vet had outlived most of his friends, and he confided in his family shortly before his passing that he was concerned there’d be nobody left to say “goodbye” after he was gone.

When he died last Tuesday, his family invited the public to his funeral.

The veteran support group the Patriot Guard and website Reddit grabbed hold of the story, and family and dozens of strangers turned up at the veteran’s funeral on Saturday.

Cassidy was Kentucky’s oldest WWII vet and attributed his long life to a daily shot of moonshine. He is survived by a son, Mike Cassidy.

H/T: Huffington Post

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