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How You’re Holding Yourself Back By Limiting Your Identity

If this article makes you feel uncomfortable, then it’s for you: Imagine you just got a new refrigerator, and now, the cube-shaped cardboard box is taking up a few cubic feet of kitchen real estate. While the fridge is being installed, you decorate the outside of the cardboard box by stapling and gluing various pictures […]


Can We Guess Your Actual Age?

There’s only one way to find out. 1. ✓ Apple VK. tiverylucky / Thinkstock ✓ Malibu and coke. tiverylucky / Thinkstock ✓ Beer. Stockphoto24 / Thinkstock ✓ Gin and tonic. igorr1 / Thinkstock ✓ White wine. riksphotography / Thinkstock ✓ White wine spritzer. Fuse / Thinkstock ✓ Red wine. Antonio Muñoz palomares / Thinkstock […]