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Wounded Kitten Is Given A New Face

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This stray kitten was found in a garage malnourished, flea infested, and with horrible facial wounds. Instead of euthanizing the hurt kitty, the veterinarian decided to operate and try to save the cat. After some kitty reconstructive facial surgery, the cat was all back to normal and now is living a happy, fulfilling life.    Read more:


Mom And Dad Scream When They Discover They Are Grandparents To Be

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“We’re pregnant” reaction videos are nearly always adorable and touching. This reaction video by Ryan Dean is especially emotional, and has been trending more than ever even though the clip is nearly three years old.  Ryan and his mom have a long going tradition of giving each other gifts on his birthday each year. After all, mom was the […]


Navy Sailor Dressed As Darth Vader Surprises His Son At Star Wars Birthday Party

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This emotional video was posted on the tear-jerking Welcome Home Blog over a week ago, but it has only seriously started to trend now. It currently stands with over 425,000 views, and is further featured on ABCNews, Military, Babble, and HuffPost.  Last May, for his son’s Star Wars birthday party, US Navy sailor dad made a special trip home […]


When This Little Boy Got Minecraft And An XBox For His Birthday He Had A Total Meltdown

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“IM. SO. HAPPPPPPPPY.” 1. Little Caleb has been obsessed with playing Minecraft for over a year, and all he wanted for his 8th birthday was the Xbox edition. Video available at: Kenn N / Via 2. So when he opened his first present and realized that his dream was finally being fulfilled, he […]


Blind Homeless Dog Rescued

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Hope For Paws, an animal rescue non-profit based in Los Angeles, California received a call about a homeless dog who was in bad condition. After some searching, they discovered a blind dog with a horrible flea infestation. After picking her up, they named her Fiona, and gave her a new life. After giving her a nice shave […]


Tooth Fairy In Real Life Prank Is Adorable

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Yousef of FouseyTube planned an adorable prank at his brother’s dental office. When kids were sat down in the dental chair, the dentist and their parents left the room for a moment. That’s when the tooth fairy entered and magically cleaned their teeth perfectly. So cute.    Read more: