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When This Dog’s Best Friend Passed Away, He Mourned Him In An Incredible Way

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Burying a best friend is arguably one of the hardest things a human has to do. Whether we lost them too soon or they had a long, joyous life, attending their funeral is absolutely gut-wrenching. And while it might seem odd, dogs experience a similar pain when their friends pass, too. We’ve seen their devotion […]


Here Are 15 Pictures That Prove It’s The Simplest Moments That Mean The Most. Heart = Exploded.

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When babies meet dogs for the very first time there are no silly handshakes involved. They like to stick to sniffs, odd glances, laughs and excitement. As seen in these 15 adorable pictures of cute pooches meeting some darling infants for the very first time. 1) That expression is priceless. 2) “This tiny hoomin could […]


The 61 Most Awkward Moments In The History Of Dogs


A definitive ranking of the absolute most awkward dog moments of all time. 1. When this high dog tried to use this unsuspecting pug as a couch. View this image › 2. When this soaring dog overestimated his heroic dog-soaring abilities. View this image › 3. When this confused corgi awkwardly pondered how […]


This Injured Dog Had Given Up On Life, But A Few Heroes Gave Him Hope

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Our amazing friends at Animal Aid Unlimited recently discovered a street dog that was in desperate need of help. Not only did the dejected dog have a wire wrapped tightly around his leg, but he also had a horrific, maggot-infested wound on his neck. The poor pup seemed ready to die when they found him, […]


Oldest living cancer genome has been sequenced

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Canine transmissible venereal tumor (CTVT) is a sexually transmitted cancer that affects dogs. Its genome has recently been sequenced, revealing that it originated in one dog and has continued to live on for an astonishing 11,000 years; the longest known living cell lineage. The study was led by Elizabeth Murchison of the Wellcome Trust Sanger […]


39 Smiling Corgis Who’ll Inspire You To Live Your Best Life

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Happy #TongueOutTuesday! 1. This dude who can bring a fresh perspective to old material. 2. This corgi who is slaying this glamour shot session. 3. And this one who isn’t afraid to get up-close and personal. 4. This pup who isn’t afraid to look through the archive for a killer #tbt. […]


They Told This Little Boy His Dog Was Going To Be Put Down. His Response STUNNED Them.

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Dogs are more than pets, they’re members of our family and faithful companions. They love us unconditionally, asking for nothing in return. No one had to teach them to love, they just seem to know how to instinctually. So when this six year old’s best friend was nearing the end and all around him were saddened by […]


A Guy Noticed Something Dying In A Trash Can. And I Still Can’t Believe What Happened After That.

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In the middle of Detroit, a person walking down the sidewalk heard something strange… something was in trouble. The man walked over to the garbage bin, not knowing what to expect. What he saw was absolutely heartbreaking. Underneath rubbish, an animal was whimpering. It was a dying dog, cruelly thrown away like trash. The Maltese […]