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What Does Sound Look Like?

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What does sound actually look like? No, not just a digital representation, but the sound waves in real life? NPR explains that with the help of a Schlieren Flow Visualizer, we are able to see the very real sound distortions created by clapping or a book falling.  Incredible.    Read more:


Why Do People Have Anxiety

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With million of anti-anxiety pills flying off the shelves, there’s no question that America has a serious anxiety issue. Countless people are ailed by generalized and chronic anxiety, and feel nervous and worrisome all the time for no apparent reason. Anxiety is so real, it can actually have very real and physical negative side effects […]


Bill Nye Explains If We Can Stop An Asteroid

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The popular educational-science channel AsapSCIENCE has become such a hit, Bill Nye the Science Guy himself guest stars in their newest episode.  Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown wonder what would happen if an incoming asteroid was heading towards Earth. Could we stop it in time to save Humanity and life as we know it? Bill isn’t sure, but […]