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A Murphy Bed Is A Thing You Don't Know You Need … Here's An Apartment With 3 Of Them

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We all know we have too much stuff around. Lots of us have forgotten what we have in storage. We’ve all got that box we moved from apartment to apartment without even unpacking. Graham Hill asks, “Why?” He’s more extreme than I am — after all, he trusted strangers from the Internet to design his […]


We'll Do Almost Anything To Get It, And These 12 Images Are The Proof

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Us industrious humans have altered over HALF of the face of the earth. Whoa. Here’s one way we do it. What you’re seeing: Going after coal in the densely forested Appalachian Mountains, mining companies peel back the earth to expose a layer cake of coal seams. Based on data from the Landsat 5 and Landsat […]


A Hilarious Note About Orangutans That Might Just Hit Too Close To Home

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It’s pretty widely known that orangutans and humans have a lot in common genetically. But there are some key differences… But seriously. Silliness aside, orangutans aren’t living the easy life these days. Their rainforest habitats are rapidly being destroyed by human activity (including illegal logging, palm oil plantations, mining, etc.) as well as huge forest […]