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The Most Adorable *Gasp* BABY CHIMPANZEE *Double Gasp* Movie *Faint*

Disney has somehow managed to record the most adorable and heartfelt moments of a baby chimpanzee’s life, which you can get a sneak peak of in this trailer. Now you can spend Earth Day watching absolutely stunning and unbelievable footage of an orphan chimpanzee’s first years, struggles, and lifelong friendships. It’s like an animated Disney […]


What Goes In The Ocean Goes In You

BREAKING NEWS: On May 23, L.A. became the largest city in the U.S. to ban plastic bags in supermarkets! The city follows San Francisco, Long Beach, and San Jose who have all enacted similar bans. “Let’s get the message to Sacramento that it’s time to go statewide,” said Councilman Ed Reyes. Um, yes, please?!?! Share […]


A Hilarious Note About Orangutans That Might Just Hit Too Close To Home

It’s pretty widely known that orangutans and humans have a lot in common genetically. But there are some key differences… But seriously. Silliness aside, orangutans aren’t living the easy life these days. Their rainforest habitats are rapidly being destroyed by human activity (including illegal logging, palm oil plantations, mining, etc.) as well as huge forest […]