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This Is How Twitter Reacted To A Cheating Woman Being Beaten Up

Recently adult performer Christy Mack found herself in hospital from injuries that she allegedly received at the hands of her ex-boyfirend, the MMA fighterWar Machine (a.k.a. Jon Koppenhaver.  According to a statement that she put out on Twitter, Mack was hosptialized with a broken nose, 18 broken bones, a fractured rib, a ruptured liver, and […]


8 Rules For Making Sure You’re Not ‘The Clingy One’

Clingy, we’ve all been there. It’s in our nature. When you cant help but really like him, and he’s on your mind, and you know that you two would make an amazing couple. Here are the tell-tale signs of clinginess and how to avoid scaring him away. 1. Be genuinely busy Are you constantly texting […]


If You Take Lots Of Selfies It May Point Towards Mental Illness

Love or loathe them, selfies are everywhere. Whether it is celebrities taking them to show off their lavish lifestyles or your average Joe on the street using them to share their movements on social media, you just can’t seem to avoid them. It is estimated that 93 million selfies are taken each day. Selfie was […]