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Brazilian Masseur Saves Goal, Runs for His Life (Video)

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A masseur of Brazilian Serie D soccer team Aparecidence invaded the field and stopped the winning goal with an impressive double-save off the line in the last minute of a play-off match against Tupi. Of course, Tupi fans didn’t particularly care for the masseur’s goalkeeping skills, so he had to make a run for it. […]


Emotional Touchdown for Soldier Reunited With Daughter at Football Game

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When Army Captain Jane Renee “J.R.” Lund returned home from a six-month deployment in Afghanistan, she surprised her 13-year-old daughter, Bella, in big way at a University of Wisconsin-Madison football game. The Badgers hold a tradition of honoring a Military Family of the Game during home games at Camp Randall Stadium. On Sept. 21, Bella […]


15 Reasons Julie Taylor Is The Worst “Friday Night Lights” Character Of All Time

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Clear eyes, full hearts, can we lose Julie? This is Julie Taylor, one of the main characters on the greatest show OF ALL TIME: Friday Night Lights. View this image › NBC This face is basically what she always looks like, tbh. Even though the show was basically PERFECT, it could have only improved if […]


17 Football Terms That Mean Something Different To Gay Guys

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But “slobberknocker” is the same in every language. 1. Down View this image › Literal definition: A period of action that starts when the ball is put into play and ends when the ball is ruled dead. Matt Ortile: Alternative for “bottom.” Like, I’m down to down.Ira Madison III: A masc top’s go-to phrase. […]


79 Free Fantasy Football Team Names

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Ready… Set… PUN! 1. Take any name that speaks to you! The only rule is you must draft a player in order to use their name as part of your team’s name. NO EXCEPTIONS! View this image › Via Thinkstock Drew Brees:1. Young Breezy2. Get On Your Hands and Brees3. 98 DeBrees View this image […]


Why High School Football In Texas Is More Than Just A Game

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Friday Night Lights There are many, many numbers that could put into context just how dominant Texas’ football pedigree is. With over 165,000 teens playing football at over 1,000 schools during the 2012-13 school year, Texas had, by far, the largest number of high school football players in the country. Of the 128 schools that participate in the top level […]