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Watch This Dog Have The Time Of His Life When He Takes A Ride In A Porsche

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Euphoria ensues. 1. Phillip Meyer recently took his basset hound out on a quiet Sunday ride in a Porsche Cayman, and his reaction was adorable. Video available at: Phillip Meyer / Via 2. They see me rollin’… View this image › Phillip Meyer / Via 3. They hatin’. View this image › […]


Real Life Is A Lot Less Interesting Than GoPro Videos

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The Internet is literally covered with countless amazing, exciting, and fast paced sports videos made using a versatile GoPro camera. After watching so many jaw-dropping videos online, Mike Fry was inspired to buy a GoPro and try to make an exciting video of his own. But he quickly learned that his life is a huge bore compared to the GoPro […]