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Research Says Money Will Make You Less Sad, But Not Necessarily Happy

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We Heart It Money won’t make you any more optimistic or upbeat, but it will certainly make life’s inconveniences suck a whole lot less. That’s the conclusion of a study conducted at the University of British Columbia that sought to determine whether money can truly buy happiness. Researchers led by graduate student Kostadin Kushlev looked […]


A Murphy Bed Is A Thing You Don't Know You Need … Here's An Apartment With 3 Of Them

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We all know we have too much stuff around. Lots of us have forgotten what we have in storage. We’ve all got that box we moved from apartment to apartment without even unpacking. Graham Hill asks, “Why?” He’s more extreme than I am — after all, he trusted strangers from the Internet to design his […]


When This Little Boy Got Minecraft And An XBox For His Birthday He Had A Total Meltdown

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“IM. SO. HAPPPPPPPPY.” 1. Little Caleb has been obsessed with playing Minecraft for over a year, and all he wanted for his 8th birthday was the Xbox edition. Video available at: Kenn N / Via 2. So when he opened his first present and realized that his dream was finally being fulfilled, he […]