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This Injured Dog Had Given Up On Life, But A Few Heroes Gave Him Hope

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Our amazing friends at Animal Aid Unlimited recently discovered a street dog that was in desperate need of help. Not only did the dejected dog have a wire wrapped tightly around his leg, but he also had a horrific, maggot-infested wound on his neck. The poor pup seemed ready to die when they found him, […]


27 Bollywood And Kollywood Subtitles That Will Make You Think Deeply About Life

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Or, at the very least, about fingering. H/t Paagal Subtitle. Anyone who has ever watched a Hindi or Tamil movie with subtitles knows that a lot gets lost in translation. View this image › Via If you haven’t experienced this first hand, remember that there is: View this image › In the meantime, […]


New Breeding Strategy Found: Fully-Formed Froglets Emerge From Bamboo

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Researchers have just discovered the novel breeding strategy of a critically endangered (previously assumed extinct) frog: mating and laying eggs in live bamboo. Until now, no other frog has been known to do this. And these “direct developing” eggs hatch into tiny froglets—no tadpole stage here. The findings were published in the Biological Journal of […]