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How Kim Kardashian Reveals What’s Wrong With Women Judging Other Women

Kim Kardashian turns 34 today. But really, why should we all care? Especially since it seems like 80 percent of the American population absolutely despises Kim, specifically¬†American women. Most women with whom I have spoken about the reality television star and media mogul have only completely negative comments to say about her. Often, the reaction […]


5 Short Plays About Pregnant Women, By Tabloid Headlines

Theater! 1. Mila Kunis and Scarlett Johansson ACT ONE View this image › View this image › ACT TWO View this image › View this image › ACT THREE View this image › Scene. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2. Jessica Simpson ACT ONE View this image › ACT TWO View this image […]


This Man’s Phobia Of Kim Kardashian Makes Him Vomit

Mike Amess’ phobia started after watching Kim’s infamous sex tape. 1. Retail assistant Mike Amess has a rather unusual phobia… View this image › News Dog Media The 24-year-old claims he breaks out in a cold sweat whenever Kim Kardashian’s name is mentioned and apparently once threw up when he accidentally watched Kanye West’s “Bound […]