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Keep Your Home Warm And Toasty This Season With These 16 Winterizing Tips

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I always dread getting heating bills in the winter. I’m sure you do, too. That being said, there are a ton of tips and tricks to better insulate your house. Not only is it good for your wallet, but it’s better for the environment. Winterizing a home also can be cheap and easy, which means […]


10 Life Hacks For Summer

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Now that summer is in full swing, people are out having fun and enjoying the outdoors. Grant Thompson, better known as “The King of Random,” wants to help make the season even better, so he’s introduced 10 Life Hacks For Summer. He offers the sound advice to hiding your valuables at the beach in empty shampoo bottle, eat […]


21 Genius Shoe Tricks That Will Change How You Wear Your Kicks For Good

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I have more shoes than I’d care to admit, but that’s just because of one thing — I believe they make something ugly beautiful. But often, that beauty comes at a cost in the form of sweaty feet, painful blisters, and ugly scuffs. Thankfully, there are simple fixes to all of these problems. Read on […]


Having Trouble Opening A Jar? Then Watch These Easy Hacks For Hard-To-Open Items

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Is it just me or is some packaging becoming harder and harder to open these days? We’ve all experienced the seemingly endless struggle to get a particularly stubborn jar unscrewed. Even worse, the harder the jar is to open, the greater the desire becomes to get the tasty treat it houses. I’ve actually sprained a […]